Ten "Must-Take" Shots In A Wedding

By Hilary Thomas

A wedding ceremony is a very special day full of sentimental and precious moments. Capturing these moments will help you preserve memories in time. The secret to having fabulous wedding photos is to create a list of shots that you wanted to take on that day. Setting out the list of not only where to take the shots but also the different combination of who should be in the shots is a smart step.

Below are the top 10 "must have" shots for a wedding ceremony.

1. The person picked to give away the bride, or the father accompanying the bride

2. Before the ceremony: a grouping of the bride and her female attendants with the person who will give her away.

3. Father escorting the Bride up the aisle.

4. The couple getting ready for their vows.

5. Bride and Groom kissing.

6. The happy couple signs the register.

7. The Bride accompanying the Groom down the aisle.

8. Full length, posed shot of the happy couple.

9. Newlyweds with their mothers and fathers.

10. The cake being cut by the Bride and Groom

Assistance from tips that is great:

1. Camera and Spare Camera. Verify that your camera is working in good order! Don't trust that it is fine because it was working when you last used it! And bring a backup camera, or ensure there will be one you can use if needed.

2. Portable power source. Are the batteries fully charged? Have you got at least 2 sets of spare batteries (or more)? You may never need them, but if they run out, you are going to miss some special moments that will never be repeated!

3. Films and Memory cards. You will save hundreds, regardless, if you do not use a pro, so get a lot as it doesn't cost much. Similar to the batteries, you would be disgusted to bring out the camera at the first dance and realize.... - 30832

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Top 5 Wedding Favors To Give To Your Guests On Your Special Day

By Aaron Hu

Your guests are very important in your wedding, without them no one will witness your most memorable day, no one will be inspired at what your life has turned out so it is just usual to give thanks to them by giving a wedding favor. It is a great way of showing your gratitude. There are many choices of matchless favors to give thanks to the ones who have become a part of your special day celebration. It will be a great pleasure to your guests to leave with a great favor from you. Below are some unique favors that you can choose from to give to your guests. These are favors that are according to its type.

Cookies and chocolates If you want your favors to be as sweet as your relationship you can give a try to cookies and chocolates bar. These would be certainly delicious! It is also the sweetest way to give thanks to your guests. They may even say thank you to you. Examples of these are chocolate bars and wrappers that are personalized by putting your initials in the wrapper or gourmet cookies that also have your initials.

Glass and Crystal Wedding Favors If you want your memorable day to be an everlasting these glass and crystal collection will be a great choice. Give your nuptial a highlight with these lavish touches- pure, clear and classy. Examples of these are glass photo coasters, candy jars, tea light holders, candle holders and key chains that are made up of crystals. Glass photo coasters are the most famous among the list because it will match whatever the theme is. It is also the most favorite favor that guests usually like.

Silver Wedding Favors Silver has never been out of style. Its simplicity and sophistication will catch everyone's eye at your nuptial. It will bring a classic look that will make your guests remember your most special moment. This delicate collection offers conventional gifts with a modern style. Examples of these are bottle opener, bottle stopper, silver key chain, place card holders, etc.

Boxes, Bags and Ribbons Personalized boxes, bags and ribbons will surely be a gorgeous favor from your marriage. You can present your favors in a fashionable package that will fascinate your guests. Examples of these are purses with satin ribbons, different kinds of favor boxes, and ribbons that you can personalize.

Bath and Soap Favors It is 'one of a kind' way of celebrating the most memorable event in your life. It will add spark and life to your guests' tables. It is also a symbol of the fragrance of your relationship. There are different designs from these collections that will suite your marriage theme. Examples of these are scented soaps that are in different shapes, bath salt, bath confetti, and hand creams.

These are only some of the wedding favors that you can choose from, there are also favors that is according to the season, theme and even to price. Simple or elegant favor will do, as long as you show them your gratitude of witnessing your special day. Whatever favor that you will choose, what matter most is your special event in your life that can't be replaced by anything in this world. - 30832

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Give Your Bridesmaid Some Bridesmaid Gifts

By Angel A Wilson

Fantastic weddings will never go without the bridesmaids. These women are very significant to a wedding as they play a part to the success of the occasion. This must at least include one maid or matron of honor and a line-up of bridesmaids depending on the decision and budget of the bride and the groom.

It has been a growing custom for the newly-weds to give away bridesmaid gifts to these girls as a way of appreciating for helping them out during the wedding preparations as well as supporting them till this very day. As you can very well see, these girls are chosen from amongst the closest family or friends of the couple. And they have been there all these time through the years.

Giving away bridesmaid gifts is a proper way to show importance to these girls. And you will never realize that these are valued and cherished as these are gifts given full of love. These can even lead to more intimate and closer ties of friendship. Much as you value your partner's presence, so do you value the friendship that you and these women have built over the period of time.

So the next step to concern you with is choosing the appropriate gifts for these girls. You can begin with simple tokens that need not be expensive. It could be something that can be useful during the wedding and even after the celebration. Things like bridal jewelry, tote bags, beauty products or privileges to a spa. Now, these may seem expensive but it is not. As a matter of fact, you can get discounted rates.

Lots of bridal jewelry pieces are offered in regular and online stores. You just need to search for them and pick the right accessory that matches your bridesmaids' wedding dresses. Certainly, outfits are our primary concern when it comes to wedding preparations. If you search thoroughly, you will notice that there are lots of stores offering discounts for bridesmaids' necklaces, earrings, bracelets, combs and many more. You can give these the day before the wedding.

Another thing you can give is tote bags and beauty products. Women dream these stuffs as these make them look and feel pretty. After the wedding, they will be moving ahead with their regular life and these come in handy. You will certainly find good designs of these products to choose from.

Another option you can think for your bridesmaids are spa services. Of course, these girls would love to look stunning on this gracious occasion, so giving those privileges for manicure and pedicure as well as make-up would be ideal. Or they would choose to pamper themselves after the day of the wedding by looking and feeling beautiful.

There are many other things you can think of just to show your gratitude to these women and giving away bridesmaid gifts is one. Just bear in mind that they need not be expensive or very elegant. True friendship begins with giving away simple heartfelt gifts and who knows these could mean a lifetime and a cherished bond between you and your bridesmaids. - 30832

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4 Ways to Have the Best Spring Wedding

By Aaron Hu

The birds are chirping, trees are budding, and flowers are popping up all over. Spring is in the air! What better time of year to have a wedding than in the spring with all it's new life and new beginnings. Spring is very symbolic of starting your new life in wedded bliss. If you are romantic and sweet you couldn't have picked a better time to get married. Let's look at a few things that will help you pull together you spring wedding.

We will start with your choice of colors. It is important to pick colors that are relevant to the season. When you think of spring generally you think of two types of colors: bright vibrant colors and pretty pastels. If you are more of the carefree type I would suggest choosing bright vibrant colors such as lime green, hot pink, sunshine yellow, sky blue, and orange. If however, you are more the sweet and girly type, you will often be drawn to the beautiful array of pastels. At all costs when getting married in the spring, you want to avoid heavy, dark colors; they will only be a downer to what should be a cheery spring wedding.

When picking the decorations for the wedding ceremony and reception you should once again think about the season and what comes to mind. Flowers are a given, LOTS of flowers in fact, nothing will scream spring wedding more so than flowers. Decorating with birds is another great tie in with the season. They are pretty, small, and can be added to centerpieces. If you like to garden, or just like that garden tea party charm, add in some garden pots and wicker baskets; these will add a lot of whimsy and charm to your wedding.

Have all of your guests take home a spring wedding favor. In keeping with your theme, pick a favor that is a fond reminder of your wedding day. There are tons of really cute garden wedding favors for the bride that chooses to add this touch to her reception. One of my most favorite favors is the organic paper heart (comes in other shapes too) that is embedded with flower seeds. Your guests take it home, plant it, and will love the flowers that come from it! You can place the heart in a pretty pot, with printed directions, and tie a big ribbon around it. All of your guests will be gushing over this memorable favor.

When planning your menu you will want to keep it on the lighter side. Anything to heavy will cause the bright and airy atmosphere to drop into a sleepy lull. For those going with a full meal, choose chicken and fish, with seasonal veggies. Cheeses and wines are a great addition as well. If you want to be a bit different you could have a wine tasting during your reception, it is probably something most of your guests have always wanted to do, but never had the chance to try.

No matter what your perfect spring wedding picture is, I hope these pointers will come in handy when planning your wedding. Just remember, above all else, this is your day to shine; so take it all in, and enjoy every moment of it. This will be the best day of your life! - 30832

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Wedding Supplies 101

By Angel A Wilson

Wedding should always be perfect. It is your big day anyway. But, getting married means a lot of planning. There are a lot of things that should be done in order to make this occasion a memorable one. You need to consider all the factors and elements in this event like the guests, your budget, the reception, the gown the tuxedos and of course, all the necessary wedding supplies. All of these should be carefully planned to make sure that everything will run out smoothly.

Wedding supplies are very essential in your wedding. It is like creating a picture puzzle. This time, it is a puzzle of your special day. If you miss out one, the picture would never be completed. That is how important each element is. Here are some wedding supplies that you would not want to forget.

Invitations. Though you can invite your guests through email, phone or even e-cards, it is always nice to have a printed and personalized wedding invitation. Wedding invitation is a visual statement that you are inviting them to witness this special day. The kind of paper you will be using, the font, the style - all of these contributes to the formality, theme and the tone of occasion.

Second is your wedding guest book. Your guest books would have the list of names and their contact numbers of people who had actually come to your wedding. They can leave their names, contact numbers and even messages and wishes for you. Guestbook can help you manage and update your phonebooks. Moreover, it can help you when making your thank you cards, which is another important wedding supply.

For table decorations, you can coordinate with the reception venue. They can provide you several table linens to choose from. Choose the color that suits your theme. If you want it to make more special, you can have a specialist company that offer complete dressing sets.

It is important that you set up the ambiance, not just for you but for your visitors as well. The venue should be set up with your names and the date as the focal design. You can also have your pictures displayed as it tells the story of your love. You can have flowers balloons or lighting effects to greatly lift up the mood of the occasion.

Cake Boxes. Traditionally, guests are allowed to take a piece of cake with them so you might as well put the cake boxes on your list. You can also send pieces of cake to those who were not able to make it to your wedding day.

Wedding Favors. Wedding favors are essentially important for this is your way of saying thank you to your guests. There are basically 3 wedding favors you should prepare. The first 2 sets are for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. You would want to show them your appreciation for taking care of you during the entire wedding stage - from the planning to the wedding ceremony itself. Also, you would want to give tokens to those who had spent their time to be with you in this special day.

If you are seeking advice and ideas, you can consult your wedding planners. If they are too costly for you, you can always check online. The Internet can also provide you the things you need to prepare, the various designs per wedding supply and of course, their prices. - 30832

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Planning The Wedding - Crucial Steps

By Adriana Noton

Everyone knows weddings are fun. And everyone who has ever helped to plan a wedding can attest to what kind of nightmares poor wedding plans can cause. But, planning the wedding doesn't need to become a nightmare if done properly.

Of course, trying to cram plans into a tiny timeframe just doesn't work well. Arranging a reception for 200 people in two weeks is all but impossible if you expect all the bells and whistles to be perfectly in place. One of the most important factors, therefore, in planning any wedding is to make sure the timeframe matches the type of wedding.

The dress can be a problem all by itself. Too many women tend to design their wedding dresses in their heads, and then try to find the exact one. Weeks and months of dress shopping frequently end up in tears and utter disappointment. In today's world not many people have this kind of time and many brides are therefore looking for options. These options include renting a dress, buying a used one, or just foregoing the official wedding dress altogether and choosing cocktail attire. Let the bridesmaids do the same thing.

One of the most time consuming aspects is choosing the dress. Women spend weeks and weeks looking for that perfect dress. If this isn't something you have time for, and perhaps aren't even interested in, rent one! This is a fast upcoming business aimed solely at women who realize how cost effective this is. One fitting, one payment, and you can wait till a week before the wedding. Bridesmaids? Have them do the same thing.

For invitations, save time and money by doing your own. These aren't cheap home made reproductions; these are beautiful high end pieces. Kits can be found online and in local stores. Do yourself a favor and forget those little RSVP cards that no one uses anyway. Give people an email address they can respond to. What may have raised eyebrows a few years ago is considered industry standard and acceptable today. The same goes for wedding photos. Hire a professional wedding photographer to fulfill your needs.

Instead of spending time at a printer pouring through books and books of invitations, print your own. There are specialty papers and kits made for all types of invitations and they cost a fraction of professional done invites. If time is of the essence, give people your email for RSVPs. The same goes for wedding photos. Hire a professional wedding photographer to fulfill your needs.

Tired of the boring and ill prepared sit down dinners at wedding receptions? So is everyone else. Not to mention you are paying a fortune for all that dried out chicken that hardly anyone will touch. Try one of the more unique options many brides are turning to; these include afternoon wine and cheese receptions with perhaps some other light finger foods. Another common choice especially in the over 30 crowd is a coffee bar set up with finger pastries and some liqueurs for the coffees. Elegant and fairly inexpensive.

Make sure your transportation is in place a few days ahead of time. Review addresses, destinations, times, and even fees if applicable. If relying on friends, make sure they clean out their cars! Wedding dresses and Oreo cookie crumbs don't mix!

Also important ' tell people to leave the gifts behind, or at least send them to your home. You aren't going to open them there anyway! Don't make other people figure out how to pack them up and get them to you later on. - 30832

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Great Accessories for the Wedding

By Aaron Hu

Weddings are filled with people who play different roles - all of which are important: all of which are fulfilled out of love. The future in-laws on both sides are usually the most obvious: they give the wedding for the couple; and in a manner of speaking, they give the bride to the groom to one another. Next come the bridesmaids and maid of honor - chosen by the bride - and the best man - chosen by the groom. Probably the most charming, aside from the bride, of course, are the children, the flower girl and the ring bearer; followed by groomsmen, if the groom so chooses; and the person who will perform the marriage ceremony, as well as the photographer. Lots of roles to fill: lots of things to get done. And, lots of accessories!

The flower girl has quite a bit of antiquity associated with her role. Her ancestry lies in the Roman Empire; and her more recent history in Victorian England where her presence symbolized virtue and simplicity. She was dressed in white; and in essence she was a childlike representation of sanctity of the bride. Today's flower girl is also adorned in a white dress and accessorized with a veil and carrying a small bucket decorated with ribbons color coordinated with the theme of the wedding.

The flower "child" is gifted with additional accessories which give her a sense of belonging to and kinship with the bride and the ceremony. These accessories can be notes of recognition, praise, and appreciation for her contribution to the bride's "walk down the aisle."

The flower girl's counterpart is the ring bearer. His role has less history because it was only in the past several centuries that husbands and wives exchanged rings at their wedding ceremony. Perhaps he is thought of a mere child dressed up in a tuxedo, but he carries more import than he is given credit for. This "child-man" may be the final step before the bride and groom become husband and wife, but the part he plays, the symbolism of the pillow he carries, and upon which the ring rests, is very majestic in its history. During the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs, jewels were gifted on silk covered pillows at wedding ceremonies. In today's wedding ceremonies, such pillows - though always square and silk covered - can be accessorized in a variety of ways. They can have a layered effect; they can be monogrammed; and can be ribboned so the rings remain stationary and secure. So, it is actually the ring bearer who carries the most significant accessory because that accessory cradles the rings, the symbols of unity between bride and groom. But, that is a silent significance. The flower girl and the ring bearer should always feel that their part in a wedding is equally vital to the bride and groom.

Remember, the flower girl dressed and veiled in white is tomorrow's bride; and the ring bearer carrying the silken pillow and wedding rings will be a flower girl's groom of tomorrow. They are tomorrow's future standing in anticipation under a canopy of hope and dreams. - 30832

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